Tennis Training
"The efforts of the coaches really helped step up his game, including his knowledge of the mechanics and finer points of the game, and also helped him feel comfortable."

For the Advanced/ Tournament Player
We will add strength and variety to their shots and also gain an understanding of how to improve match play by recognizing strengths and weaknesses and implementing a game plan.

For the Intermediate Player
Intermediate players will build upon their foundation and we will review correct technique as well as adding consistency and accuracy to formulate a sound basis for point play.

For the Beginner Player
 A fun introduction to tennis with a focus on repetition, proper technique, and fundamentals that will get them started on a safe path to having a fun and successful tennis experience.

Fitness Training

Tennis is a game that requires sound overall physical condition. We will incorporate sport specific exercises during the week to enhance mobility, speed, and balance to improve a camper's confidence and results on the court.