Loomis Racquet Academy Testimonials

"This tennis camp was awesome!!!!! Can't wait to come back next year!"

"Holger really had a good time. He liked Monday thru Wednesday the most, as these day were the most focused, while Thursday was more fun games, the "serious" business appealed most to him. Thank you for giving him enough challenge when playing competitive (i.e. a coach as opponent) and for giving him excellent coaching. An overall wonderful experience for him, and I am so glad we chose your camp."

"I liked how intimate the camp was, and how much small group training we had.  I will plan to come back next year."

"Samuel and Harry loved camp.  Harry loved that he could play other racquet sports in the pm, while Samuel loved the swimming break.  They also loved the food!"

"Thank you for all the things you did for us, for helping me in the airport, for all the drives you made the evenings, for taking care of us during 5 weeks and organizing a really good tennis camp. I improved a lot, like Natalia, and we enjoyed our stay so much."

“Thanks again for giving David such a great introduction to tennis.  He's played every day since camp ended!”

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